Stakeholder Mapping

In the last 30 days over 55,500 professionals from 197 countries used to manage their projects and stakeholders.
Stakeholder Map ebook and Stakeholder Mapping templates
Stakeholders not happy? Can't get people to work together? Use four simple steps and our proven templates to map your stakeholders. Learn how to analyse stakeholders by interest and influence to identify key players, potential saboteurs, advocates and avoid time wasters.
Using the ebook and templates available on this site you can develop detailed plans to manage the most important people on your project - the stakeholders.
If you google ‘reasons projects fail’ you will find many different opinions on project failure, but all will contain something about stakeholders, communication, people or teams.
If you are involved in managing or leading a project it is your responsibility to ensure the project is delivered successfully. It is up to you to deliver the project on time, to budget and to quality. Stakeholder mapping and stakeholder engagement is crucial to achieving these goals.
If you manage your stakeholders well they will actively support you. If you ignore your stakeholders they will sabotage your project (
Need convincing about the importance of Stakeholder Mapping? This case study reveals the perils of mis-managing your stakeholders. Importance of Stakeholder Management - UK Passport Office
Four steps to successful stakeholder mapping
Project management methodologies and organisations approach stakeholder mapping in different ways, but there are fundamental principles and processes that can be drawn out. I have distilled these principles into a proven 4 step process that can dramatically improve your chances of success. Read an overview of Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder mapping in 4 steps

1. Define your stakeholders
2. Analyse stakeholders by impact and influence
3. Plan Manage stakeholder communications and reporting
4. Engage with your stakeholders
Use these steps along with the stakeholder maps and templates to manage your stakeholders effectively and turn them into project champions!

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Our mission is to advise Project Managers on the best way to manage their stakeholders. We have created to share our knowledge and experience. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive toolkit of stakeholder maps and templates for Project Managers. We hope you find this guide useful. Many stakeholder managers and project professionals have used this site for live projects, research and academic course work.
Map your stakeholders in four steps - Step one - stakeholder definition
Stakeholder Management Templates
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