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Project Management articles

Auditing projects

Project Audits are a fact of life for Project Managers. This article gives an overview of the auditing process and what you can expect at each stage.

The Business Case

The project Business Case is one of the first and most important project documents, because it sets out the justification for the project. Read the ultimate guide to the Business Case.

4 Quirky Ways to Gain the Best out of a Project Calendar

Project scheduling plays a major role in organizing the projects for maximum efficiency and saving time in the process. Learn how to use a Calendar to manage your project.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is essential for the successful delivery of a project. This article gives a brief overview of the need for, and scope of configuration management.

Construction Management

What is Construction Management? This artice gives an overview of the key components of managing construction projects and the role of the construction manager.

How to Delegate

Learn how to delegate using this simple, but effective process for trouble free delegation of project tasks. Project Funding - How can you fund your project? There are a wide variety of funding options for projects. This article gives an overview of key funding sources including short term funding, PFI and grants.


Learn about the purpose, contents and importance of the Project Initiation Document (PID).

Project Management Methods vs Tools and Techniques

By Tim Bryce. The term "methodology" is being bandied about by just about every software development vendor and consultant imaginable. But like many things in the Project Management industry, the terminology is getting sloppy and it is becoming apparent the true definition of "methodology" is being bastardized. Tim Bryce, MD, MJB Investment Company

Project Milestones

In Project Management milestones are key points in a project lifecycle. They might be target dates that must be met or delivery of important work packages or markers of progress. This explains the definition, purpose and sources of Project Milestones.

Project Monitoring and Control Techniques

Monitoring and control techniques can be split in to four areas: project plan monitoring, project budget monitoring, monitoring through regular status and/or stage reporting and monitoring carried at different levels by the project team. This guide gives an overview of each area and describes key project monitoring techniques.

Project Manager Salary

What is the average Project Manager Salary? Well it depends on your country and town or city, your experience, the industry you will be in and your level education. Find out what factors impact salary and how to research the typical salary you can expect in a Project Manager role.

Project Success Factors

By Fakher A. Omezzine. A well-researched and comprehensive literature review of Project Success Factors. The nature of nowadays Large-scale Complex Projects necessitates the application of appropriate and adequate Project Management models, as well as full knowledge of PROJECT SUCCESS drivers.

Project Teams

Project Teams, meaning and definition. A project team is a temporary team created to deliver a project.

Project Tolerance

Understand the concept of project tolerances, and how they are used. See a real world example of project tolerances for time and cost. Time, Cost and Quality - The Project Triangle - Project Management is all about balancing three constraints: time, cost and quality. This is one of the most important concepts in project management. This article provides an overview of the key variations of the triangle and explains how it helps you to manage your projects.

Top 10 Project Management Tools

By Asya Karapetyan, tech writer and blogger. There is a wide array of applications for project managers that fit their specific requirements whether they are team collaboration, time tracking, chart drawing, note-making or troubleshooting. In this article you will find the TOP 10 tools used by project managers.

What is programme management

By Steve Twine. What is programme management and why is it important? Steve Twine, Director at Focus-on-Training defines programme management and explains why it is so important in today's complex world were organisations have to rapidly evolve to changes in technology and the changing needs of their market.

What is a Project?

Learn how to describe a project and understand the diference between a project and operations or business as usual.

Why productivity for small business is easier done, than said- By Rebecca Leitch

Productivity is the number one driving force for small business. Yet the biggest challenge is how to find the time to increase productivity. The key is to manage projects properly and effectively, thereby freeing up more time to work on product development. Rebecca explains how. Rebecca Leitch, Content Manager for ESI International

Why Project Management Fails - By Tim Bryce

Tim gives his answer to the question 'Why does Project Management fail?' and explains the importance of embedding project management into the corporate culture.

Why we need project managers

This video footage is taken from a Grand Designs episode that beautifully illustrates why professional Project Managers are important on any project.

Change Management

Change Management Process

See a real world Change Management process for logging, assessing, reviewing and implementing change requests.

View and Download a RACI for Change Management

Project Management related and ITSM Dictionaries

Agile Dictionary of Terms

ITIL Dictionary of Terms

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Dictionary

PRINCE2 Dictionary of Terms

Management of Risk Glossary of Terms - A - Z

Project Planning

How to Plan a Project - a quick guide to planning a project

Work Breakdown Stucture - how to create a work breakdown structure

Project Network Diagram - how to create a project network or precedence diagram

Estimate task duration - how to estimate task duration on a project

Resource Plan - allocating and scheduling resources for a project

Crashing project plans - should you reduce task durations to fit a fixed end date? This is sometimes known as crashing plan

Fixing Start dates - why you should never fix start or finish dates in project planning

Gantt charts - Gantt charts are often cited as the foundation of project planning. Read this brief overview of Henry Gantt and the method he developed for organising work.

Timeline Maker - make beautiful, simple and readable timelines using Timeline Maker. This guide explains how to download, install and use Timeline Maker. The timelines are created in PowerPoint so they are easily incorporated into project reports or client presentations.

Example Work Breakdown Structures - use these example work breakdown structures to help plan your project.

Project Management Templates

Generic project management templates - free templates in Word or Excel.

Conference Project Plan

This interactive mindmap covers planning a conference from start up, through delegate management, venue procurement, conference packs, and tasks for the event itself.

Prince2 2009 templates

Download in Mindmap, Word, PDF. Free downloads.

Microsoft Project Templates

Managing a project and don't know where to start? These MS Project plans have been used to successfully deliver real world projects and programmes.

Project Manager Job Descriptions

Examples of job descriptions for project managers. Includes an Senior Project Manager, IT Project Manager and a job description for a Project Assistant.

Software Project Plan template

Are you starting a new Software Project but don't have time to to work what tasks have to be done? Use our ready made Software Implementation Plan.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

Create a Work Breakdown Structure online. Use this online WBS template to create rich, interactive work breakdown structures, suitable for any project.

Example Work Breakdown Structures

Example work breakdown structures from real projects, along with generic examples, and prince 2 examples.

Managing Risk

Risk Management

These guidelines give an overview of risk management drawing on best practice from PRINCE2, MSP and APMP. They define the standard procedures that all project managers should follow to identify, analyse, mitigate, monitor and control risk on their projects.

Construction Risk Management

Overview of Risk Management in the Construction industry. Looking at the risk management process and procedures in light of the 2001 Turnbull report.

Risk Management Reporting

Learn how to write an effective Risk Management report. Mohammed Nassar Barakat, Consultancy Director at CAREweb explains how to complete a constructive risk management report that will have a powerful influence on business decisions.

NHS Risk Register

on the 27 March 2012 the draft NHS transition risk log was leaked to the press. This review measures the NHS risk register against project management and risk management best practice and identifies what might be expected in future versions.

Risk Responses

This article gives a summary of the responses that an organisation or project can take to manage a risk.

Microsoft Project Templates

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